Raritan CC-2XE1-128, 2 CC-SG E1 128 NODE LIC + 2YR HW WARRANTY


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The Raritan CC-2XE1-512 consists of two CommandCenter E1 appliances with 512-node connection license

CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC Secure Gateway) CC-2XE1-512 is a management appliance that provides unified, secure, browser-based access to KVM, serial and power control devices in data centers. Compatible with Raritan's Dominion Series, Paragon, IP-Reach and CommandCenter NOC, the Raritan CC-2XE1-512 CC Secure Gateway provides centralized policy and security management of users and devices connected to Raritan products, embedded solutions like HP iLO/RILOE, IPMI and in-band softwar e solutions.

CC Secure Gateway CC-2XE1-512 delivers a secure, powerful, effective, and user-friendly management solution with features like 128-bit encryption, flexible authentication options (Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+), customizable views, comprehensive reporting, integration with CC-NOC and SNMP traps.

The Raritan CC-2XE1-512 aggregates console access to devices in multiple local or remote data centers, providing a simple, centralized gateway to diagnose and resolve problems quickly. When deployed with CommandCenter NOC, it delivers Raritan's exclusive Hyper-Access -- an email alert with diagnostic information about the device that triggered the alarm, plus one-click access to KVM or serial control of the distressed device.

Raritan CC-2XE1-512 CC Secure Gateway Features and Benefits:

  • Robust Security - Third-party authentication including Active Directory (AD), LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+.  Leverages value of existing technology to enhance security.
  • High-Availability- Appliance-based with built in redundancy features and clustering capabilities.  Improves system availability.
    Easy Management- Preloaded firmware Centralizes firmware maintenance of all Raritan devices through CommandCenter
  • Secure Gateway. Usability- Single sign-on and single IP address over VPN, Internet or Intranet Flexible, fast access; Simplifies the complexity of managing multiple IP addresses.
  • Viewing and Reporting- Multiple viewing filters and advanced reporting Customizable policy-based views allows for secure, easy access. Reporting and audit trails aid in corporate regulatory compliance efforts.
  • Scalable and Flexible Access- Compatible with Raritan's Dominion Series, Paragon Series, IP-Reach , HP iLO/RILOE, IPMI Power, RDP, VNC, SSH Supports discovery, configuration, firmware upgrade, monitoring and access to Dominion devices.
  • Results in a single, scalable, efficient and cost-effective management network for all mission-critical equipment.
  • Integration with CommandCenter NOC Reduces mean time to repair by combining network, systems and application fault and performance monitoring with consolidated, out-of-band console and remote power management. Raritan's exclusive Hyper-Access integrates appliance functionality to send email alerts with diagnostic information about the device that triggered the alert, plus a one-click link straight to KVM or serial control over the distressed device.


  • Compatible with Raritan Two CommandCenter E1 Secure Gateway Appliance
  • Host ID of Each CommandCenter Secure Gateway Unit in the Cluster
  • Includes 128 Node License