Chatsworth 39208-703 Cabinet To Floor Front Real Seal Kit Black


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Cabinet To Floor Front / Rear Seal Kit, For 750W TeraFrame Cabinet, Black, 29.5'' (750 mm) W X 2.1'' (54 mm) L X 4.0'' (103 mm) H, Black

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$300 for Chatsworth Products
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Aisle Containment Cabinet To Floor Seal Kits are used at the bottom of cabinets to seal the space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor when leveling feet or casters are in use. Eliminating this source of bypass airflow is essential due to the high pressure typically experienced in this area.


  • Compatible with F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinets, GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinets and N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinets (Cabinets have half-height side panels and top panels with covered cable openings in each corner.)
  • Blocks bypass airflow underneath cabinets to prevent leakage from the contained aisle
  • Fits snug against cabinets and the floor
  • Includes sheet steel covers
  • Front and Side Seals are ordered separately
  • Use one front seal kit on each cabinet; select to match the overall width of the cabinet