Brady 113129 GlobalMark® Tape 1.125" x 100' - Blue


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1.125 in x 100 ft Blue GlobalMark® Tape

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Brady's B-595 vinyl will adhere to difficult low surface energy items, including: PVC piping, blow-molded equipment cases, ABS plastics, powder-coated surfaces and equipment made from recycled plastics. The B-595 material also excels at sticking to highly textured surfaces such as painted cinder block walls, finished uneven wood, textured plastics, rough-pipes and paper-jacketed pipes.



Size: 1.125" x 100'
Color: Blue
Material Description: Vinyl Film with Permanent Adhesive

Printer Compatibility: Globalmark
Special Properties: 5 year outdoor durability
RoHS Compatibility: Not Applicable
QTY/UOM: 1/Each