Raritan PMMC-1000 3Phase 480V DIN rail power meter


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3Phase, 480V DIN rail power meter module with DIN mount Power Meter Controller

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Raritan PM series power meters is a modular power metering solution that is a flexible alternative to the all-in-one BCM2 hardware. All solutions support Xerus technology platform. The PM series includes controllers, power meters, and branch circuit monitor modules. In each configuration, you must have exactly one controller component. In the PM series, there are 2 controller options: 1. PMC is a controller-only module. 2. PMMC is a controller with 1 built-in power meter. PMM: a 3-phase power meter with neutral and earth current monitoring. PMB: a 96 channel branch circuit monitor that plugs into PMM. A PMM+PMB monitors a panel board mains and branch circuit. PMC: power meter controller. One PMC controls up to 70 PMM or 8 PMM+PMB. Interconnection uses standard shielded CAT-5 cable. All modules receive redundant power and continue to function as long as one or more PMM remain powered. PMMC: PMM with a built-in power meter controller. Control up to 69 additional PMM or 8 PMM + PMB. Raritan PM series power meters are designed for ease of use: CTs are available in various ratings and contain built-in burden resistors so they can be snapped onto live wires without damage. CT orientation is not critical because meter auto-corrects polarity for any CT installed backwards. CT connections are made close to branch circuits using multi-conductor wiring harnesses with individual CT wire-pairs labeled and terminated with a keyed connector.

Product Specification

Voltage Measurement Inputs: Input Range* 90-277VLN, 156-480VLL Phase to Ground* 277V Measurement Category CAT III, Pollution Level 2 Frequency 47-63 Hz Input Impedance 10MΩ *Ratings for models with field wiring terminals. For models with factory installed line-cords, rating is limited by plug and ratings are labeled on back on unit. Current Measurement Inputs: Input Range 0-400mV Input Impedance 10k CT Type Voltage Output = 333mV at rated current CT Rated Current 1-1200A Meter Measurement Accuracy: Active Power & Energy 0.5%: IEC 62053 Class .5, EN 50470-3 Class C Reactive Power & Energy 2% RMS Voltage & Current 0.2% Frequency 0.1% Sample Rate 64x AC frequency (phase locked) Measurement Update Rate 3 seconds: IEC 61000-4-30 Class S Power Requirements: Voltage 90-240V Current 0.1A Overvoltage Category CAT III, Pollution Level 2