Chatsworth 38638-E00 Full Height Dual PDU Bracket for ZetaFrame Cabinet


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Full Height Dual PDU Bracket for ZetaFrame Cabinet; for 42U Cabinet; 2.2"W (56 mm) PDU; Glacier White

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$300 for Chatsworth Products
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Full Height Dual PDU Bracket for ZetaFrame™ Cabinet Overview

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Order per PDU chassis width and PDU bracket capacity
  • Bracket attaches to cabinet frame and is adjustable along the cabinet depth
  • Use Dual bracket to mount (2) PDUs side-by-side or (1) PDU high outlet density 4” (102 mm) PDU chassis
  • Tool-less mounting features at 12-1/4" increments up to 61-1/4" and 64-3/4"
  • Select Brackets to match PDU width
  • Consider a full height PDU bracket for cabinets 48U and taller for optimum PDU outlet placement
PDU Chassis Width: 2.2" (56 mm)
Color: Glacier White
Height (U): 42U