Zonit zLock-zC14-14-aC19-2.5m 14GA - Black Cord 8FT


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Z-LOCK C14 to C19 - 14GA - Black Cord, 8FT

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Z-LOCK - The World's First Universal Locking Power Cord

With Z-LOCK, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your connections again. Our universally compatible, dual-locking power cords ensure your devices stay connected. Z-LOCK’s patented technology securely locks your connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware. It is designed to eliminate accidental disconnects, especially those caused by equipment vibration and human error.

  • Flexible and can be redeployed on future projects
  • Easily installed, with locking technology that requires no clips or extra hardware
  • Release tabs makes them easy to reach and release from either side of the plug
  • Improves uptime by securing both ends of the power cord
  • Non-proprietary connectors ensure universal compatibility
  • Easy to use solution is flexible and can be reused on future projects