ALL-VAC WB-RedStripe-VL Wall Bracket 13-7/8 in height


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ALL-VAC WB-RedStripe-VL Wall Bracket 13-7/8" in height x 8-1/8" in width

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This model is made of strong metal, with press formed rounded corners that will fit evenly against any wall. It mounts with its longest side vertically, and attaches easily to your wall with 4 drywall screws that are included. The white powder coated metal bracket nicely holds Double Cup Floor Tile Pullers vertically, allowing you to save on wall space. It is painted in highly visible and recognizable red and white stripes, which looks smart next to a hanging fire extinguisher. All-Vac Wall Bracket Model WB-RedStripe-VL will hold the following Lifters: A6541 A7703DC A6540 A7704DC A6520 A7706DC PTP-316